National Drunken Writing Night 2012

In honor of this most amazing of holidays, will be accepting your National Drunken Writing Night (NaDruWriNi) work to be featured on this site. To participate in NaDruWriNi, all you need to do is:

  1. Tell us what you are drinking
  2. Write a poem, a sonnet, short story, haiku, essay, rant, or tweet. Write in your laptop, on a wall, cut up letters and make a ransom style note…it doesn’t matter what you write or where you write it, as long as you partake in libationswhile you write.
  3. Do not edit what you write!
  4. Your work must be written on November 3rd, 2012

For anonymous submissions:

  • Write or paste your work at, and submit without signing in.  Be sure to add the word #drunkwriting to the end of your masterpiece!
  • Get an account at, take a picture of your work and use the tag drunkwriting


Post your work anywhere and everywhere – twitter, delicious, stumbleUpon, pintrest, tumblr, your personal blog, it doesn’t matter. Write alone, or write with friends. Write with your pets, or with your creepy neighbors. JUST WRITE DAMN IT!

And feel free to include your name, and any other info you would like to be included with your submission (like a mugshot of yourself, or of the drinks your consumed while you wrote your submission)

The goal of NaDruWriNi is to drink while you write and write while you’re drunk. Drink as much as you want, write as much as you want, and submit as much as you like!

Final thoughts….be responsible, and don’t break any laws, mmmkay? Read the legal notice for more on that.  NaDruWriNi will not be held liable for your irresponsible behavior, but we will stand guilty as charged for the liberation of your inhibitions as you write the night away!

Have fun, and start submitting your work!