It’s Coming!

il_fullxfull.342458702NaDruWriNi 2011 is coming…but NaDruWriNi 2012 is going to be even better!

But what the hell is NaDruWriNi? Well, as originally posted in 2006 on (and edited for clarity):

Thems the rules:

The goal is to drink while you write and write while you’re drunk. Drink as much as you want, write as much as you want, but be responsible, and don’t blame me if you write/do anything stupid.

NaDruWriNi is not just for bloggers. Use this as a writing exercise to free yourself of inhibitions. Write in a Moleskine. Write in a spiral notebook. Write on a bar napkin if you must. Just write.

If you do have a blog, post to your site. Then, leave a link in the comments…or save your post to using the tag nadruwrini.

Gatherings of participants are encouraged…

You must tell us what you are drinking.

You must NOT edit anything you have written. Part of the fun of NaDruWriNi are the Freudian slips. Also, if you write by paper, post a picture of your writing to your site or to Flickr using the tag nadruwrini so we can see your awful penmanship

Normally, NaDruWriNi happens on the 1st Saturday of November (which would be this weekend, for anyone who cares), but years have past since any serious effort has gone into the Nadruwrini movement. In an effort to revive the awesomeness that is Nadruwrini, over the next year this site will be dedicating itself to drunk writing awareness, and also creating some new and delicious guidlines for NaDruWriNi 2012.

Don’t worry, this site looks like shit right now, but that will change.

Got questions? send ’em to

* the image used in the header was lovingly lifted from el finco‘s flickr.


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